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Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions, LLC

Our mission is to assist private landowners, private companies, and governmental agencies in wildlife and ecological planning, enhancement and restoration. Our goal is to provide quality habitat for wildlife species using decades of professional and educational knowledge.

We want to aid private land owners and agencies in every aspect of wildlife habitat planning, enhancement, and restoration, i.e. from game species monitoring to permit application, from wildlife habitat planning to performing annual maintenance on prairie grasses, from wildlife or wetland restoration, to control of exotic or nuisance plant species (i.e., phragmites). We have the expertise to solve your wildlife or wetland habitat situation.


Our services include:

Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions, LLC provides decades of wildlife and wetland experience when planning, enhancing, or restoring your private land.  We will assess your needs when creating a habitat plan.  We can also create the habitat you desire for the wildlife species you want.


White-tailed deer
White-tailed deer require many habitats for growth and maturity.
Please contact us to ask questions or offer comments as we establish our business and construct our web site. 

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